Lawyer for Assistance to Foreigners in Brazil

We provide assistance for: taxes, opening a company in Brazil, international contracts, visa application, residence authorization, naturalization (citizenship), regularization if you are irregular in the country and support for the DSDB for brazilians.

Understand if you qualify

Send us your contact and explain your case so we can understand if you qualify for the visa, residence, citizenship or regularization.

We'll return to you by e-mail or WhatsApp and may ask for more information to make the right analysis.

Schedule a meeting

If you need, we can schedule a videocall after our first contacts by mail or WhatsApp.

Worldwide assistance

We can assist people from all around the world in english, portuguese or spanish.

Our experience:

Koetz Advocacia specialists have been working extensively on international issues for almost 10 years. Our international work is focused in social secutiry, tax and migration issues.

We provide an entirely digital service since 2015, which allows solving international cases with operations in Brazil with safety and digital expertise.

Eduardo Koetz, leader of the company and international team, has researched MERCOSUR and released the book International Social Security Law in the Post-Globalization Era (2016), available in portuguese.

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Know our international team

Eduardo Koetz

Lawyer, professor and Koetz Advocacia’s founder, specialist in Social Security, Labor, Tax Laws and Law Firm Management.

He's Koetz Advocacia's manager, supervising and assisting in all sectors.

He wrote the book International Social Security Law in the Post-Globalization Era (2016), researched MERCOSUR relations and leads the office's international sector.

Carolina Corrêa Soares

Lawyer, she has a degree in International Relations and and specializing in Social Security Law.

Currently, works at Koetz Advocacia, being responsible for assisting and evaluating new cases of foreigners who want a visa, naturalization, residence, refuge or regularization in Brazil.

Gilberto Leonello

Lawyer, with research focused on immigration and refugee issues, he works in the international backoffice sector of Koetz Advocacia.

He works by carrying out the necessary steps and procedures for obtaining a visa, naturalization, residence, refuge or regularization in Brazil.

Amanda Zandonai

Lawyer, international and digital law specialist.

She is responsible for the first contacts with foreigners who need assistance from our office and for the initial analysis of the cases.

She is the first contact for:

Visas, residence, citizenship, regularization, taxes, contracts and assistance for opening companies in Brazil.

Koetz Advocacia